Unit Studies: A Naturally Exciting Way To Learn

Unit Studies A Naturally Exciting Way To Learn

Unit Studies: a naturally exciting way to learn. This is a freeing, motivating, and organic approach to education that allows and encourages children to dive deeply into a subject they care passionately about, or discover an interest in something they had no idea they would really enjoy. The beauty of Unit Studies is that there is no definitive guide to them! Blending a variety of subjects together by choosing to study a particular topic or … [Click to continue reading]

10 Ways To Kick Off Your Best Homeschool Year Yet

10 Ways To Kick Off Your Best Homeschool Year Yet

Homeschooling is a gloriously flexible method of education that can adapt to your family's particular needs. Some of my Floridian friends work through the Summer when it's too hot to be outside and take the Winter off instead. My best friend uses the Sabbath School method: 6 weeks on, 1 week off, year-round. Except for a page or two of math a day and lots of reading, we took the Summer off this year and like many other homeschoolers, … [Click to continue reading]

the best place to buy homeschool supplies (1)

The Best Place To Shop For Homeschool Supplies

Homeschooling is growing by leaps and bounds that promise exciting and challenging times ahead! Its exploding growth rate can be attributed to two main factors: a second generation of homeschoolers who are beginning to follow in their parents … [Click to continue reading]

the most important contribution to family life a dad can make

The Most Important Contribution To Family Life A Dad Can Make

Post written by Brad. What does it look like when Dad homeschools? This is a great question, one that has been asked several times on our Facebook page, and because I'm in search of answers too, my hope is to use a series of blog posts on the … [Click to continue reading]