INTRODUCING: ‘Be Ye Thankful’ in Cursive and Manuscript!

Be Ye Thankful copywork promo

In our affluent North American culture, a genuine spirit of thankfulness is becoming increasingly difficult to come by. Our failure to acknowledge our Creator's sovereign hand in all the millions on minuscule details that taken place every second has resulted in the misplacement of our gratitude. Glimpses of God's common grace towards sinful humanity are too quickly attributed to developments our "own" minds have conceived, rather than to the … [Click to continue reading]

What Should We Make Of Disgruntled Homeschoolers?

what should we make of disgruntled homeschoolers

The most vicious enemy is the enemy within the camp. They've had the same training, they know the weak spots, and they speak with authority because they were once "one of us." It's hurtful and harmful to home educators when an embittered graduate turns on his own. Most often, these articulate, well-versed, disgruntled homeschool alumni fault their parents for their unhappiness; the sad reality is that in most cases, their restless souls have … [Click to continue reading]

our kids favorite subject is the one I don't teach

Our Kids’ Favorite Subject Is The One I Don’t Teach

Our kids' favorite subject is the the one I don't teach, at least, not in the traditional sense with tests, textbooks, a teacher's manual and all that. I'm still trying to decide if that makes me a horrible teacher, or if relaxed homeschooling is … [Click to continue reading]

taking care of yourself isn't selfish (1)

Taking Care Of Yourself Is Not Selfish; It’s Necessary

Homeschooling requires a life of self-sacrifice in order to work, but in that truth lies the temptation to be proud of our "humility." The Lord taught me an incredibly difficult lesson last year by revealing how much I had idolized my act of serving, … [Click to continue reading]