Homeschooling Is Not The Answer

homeschooling is not the answer

If statistics mean anything at all, homeschooling is an extraordinarily beneficial method of academic instruction, and a superior choice in raising socially, emotionally, and psychologically healthy children. It's good for families, good for the economy, good for society, and good for freedom. However, despite its glowing track record, homeschooling is not the answer; at least, not to the most important question. What must I do to be … [Click to continue reading]

Why We’re Skipping Spelling, Grammar, and Vocabulary This Year

why we're skipping spelling, grammar, and vocabulary this year

I know, I know. :) It sounds like we're committing homeschool treason, but allow me to explain why we're skipping spelling, grammar, and vocabulary this year, and what we're doing instead. It goes all the way back to when I was our daughter's age. My parents started homeschooling when homeschooling was still very new in our province; they were one of a handful of families they knew that did it. My Mom was unsure of her abilities, and … [Click to continue reading]

I was homeschooled

I Was Homeschooled, and I Want To Homeschool My Kids

Yahoo Parenting recently published an article written by a disgruntled homeschooler who outlines her refusal to "inflict" the same kind of education on her own children. Lenz speaks of attending highschool, indicating that her homeschooling … [Click to continue reading]

When You Think You Want Your Husband's Job

When You Think You Want Your Husband’s Job

It was the company's 10th anniversary, and the kids and I were excited about attending the Open House at Daddy's workplace for lunch! A pig roast, cupcakes, coffee, fruit trays, pretty balloons, banners, and friendly staff greeted us. This was going … [Click to continue reading]