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Growing Your Blog While Managing Your Home
Do you have a blog that you are trying to grow? Is it taking over your life? In this eBook, I describe in detail all the principles, tricks, tips, and techniques I use to grow Growing Home as a ministry tool and a means of income, without forsaking my responsibilities as a wife and mother. Along with my daily schedule, favorite time-management tips, and list of things I don't do in order to blog, you'll learn: 11 strategic ways to improve your content, 13 ways to improve your design, 13 ways to grow your audience, How to use affiliate programs successfully, How and why you want to write an eBook, Logistics and legalities of blogging, My favorite resources ....and much more!
1777 New England Primer Cursive Printable Alphabet Set
Originally created to help my own children learn cursive, I complied the English alphabet into a cursive printable and made it available to other Moms and teachers to use with their children. They include individual uppercase and lowercase cursive letters, attached letters to help teach the flowing pattern of cursive script, rhymes for each letter from the 1777 New England Primer, plenty of dotted lines to aid in practice, and 26 Scripture verses that correspond with each letter of the alphabet. I recommend printing out the book and laminating the pages. This way they can be used with an erasable marker which enables the printables to be used again and encourage flowing penmanship instead of the initial choppiness that comes standard to beginning cursive writers.
1777 New England Primer Manuscript Alphabet Set
After I came out with the 1777 New England Primer Cursive Printable Alphabet Set, I received several requests to make a Manuscript version. What follows is a set of printables that teaches children to form all the uppercase and lower case print letters of the English alphabet. It comes complete with the same 26 Scripture passages, biblical ditties from the 1777 Primer used by the Puritans, and plenty of dotted lines for practice as featured in the Cursive edition.
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